Central Library

Central Library

About The Library

Central library is an essential component of MIT research and education mission. The library has a well rounded collection of 48,967 volumes of books divided into 5,183 titles. These included Textbooks, foundation books and books on subsidiary readings.

The library has wide collection of latest books and journals. It has subscription to various National and International journals in print besides a large number of e-journals through INDEST AICTE Consortium like IEEE, Springer, Wiley, J-gate, ProQuest, Science Direct, Business Source Elite ASTM Digital Library, McGraw Hill Access Engineering.

Circulation Rules

  1. The Library membership card will be showed at time of book issue. The library card is nontransferable.
  2. Books are issued and returned from 9:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
  3. The Library is not responsible for any book issued against that library card, as per the library norms.
  4. Newspapers, periodicals & reference books will not be issued from the Library.
  5. The user should check the books thoroughly for missing pages, chapters etc. While getting them issued. No complaint will be entertained later on.
  6. In case of loss of books by borrower, the borrower is required either to replace the books by a recent edition, if available or pay its cost.
  7. If a book is not returned with in the stipulated time .The member will be charged a penalty of Rs.1.00 for general books, TBLS books and Rs. 5.00 for reference books per day per volume. The fine should be paid at the Librarian.

General Books and TBL Books Section

The Library maintains a separate collection of textbooks that are recommended by concerned faculty members for different courses offered at MIT. The Book Bank is also housed in the Text Book Section of the Library. The Book Bank holds multiple copies of selected textbooks for making them available to the students for the entire duration of a semester. Reference service – For the added benefit of students the library has established a reference section. It consists of two copies of all prescribed books in the courses of reading. These books are issued for consultation in the library and also for overnight use.

Other Facility Available to Students

  1. Reference Section
  2. Seating Capacity of 234 Students seated at the time
  3. Academic Journals (73 Hard Copy)
  4. Mandatory E-Journals & E-Books (Soft Copy)
  5. Girls Hostel Library
  6. Xerox Facility
  7. Last Years Semester Question Papers
  8. 19 Nods PCs. For Staff and Students
  9. Fully AC
  10. Dissertations & Projects (1074)
  11. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  12. Books & Magazines (2, 467 Cd’s DVDs)
  13. Power backup through 380 KVA generators

Working Hours

9.00 a.m. -10 p.m. on Week days

10.00 a.m-5 p.m. on off day

Book Borrowing Facility available

15 days, 4 days, 1 day, Semester wise TBL facility

Physical Facilities:

Total carpet area

703 sq. mt

Breakup of the total area is as under:-


Stacking Area

300 sq. mt

Study Area

330 sq. mt

Service Area

  73 sq. mt

Total Seating Capacity


Institutional Membership

1. IEEE:- All Society Periodicals E-package (ASPP) (145 e-journals) (GIST)

2. Wiley:-  Computer Science, Data Systems, Telecommunication (GIST)

3. Wiley:-  Civil Engineering (GIST)

4. Springer:-  Mechanical Engineering (GIST)

5. McGraw HILL:-  General Engineering and Reference Access Engineering (GIST)

6. ELSEVIER:-   All Branches Science Direct (275 E-journal) (Allied Publisher)

7.  ASTM:-  ASTM Digital Library (Book Supply Bureau)

8.  J-GATE:-  J-Gate Engineering and Technology (Informatics India)

9.  J-GATE:-  J-Gate Management Science (Informatics India)

10. ProQuest:-  Management Collection (Informatics India)

National Digital Library

The National Digital library of India (NDL) is a project under Ministry of Human Resource Development, India. The objective is to integrate several national and international digital libraries in one single web-portal. The NDL provides free access to many books in English and the Indian languages.



The main function of the committee is to recommend developmental programs, to recommend purchase of books and journals in the library and to suggest improvements in library facilities so that students face no difficulty on the use of library resources.


Members of the Library Committee

1. Dr. Sanjeev Maheshwari (Director)

2. Mr. Mohit Singh (Asst. Prof. & HOD of IT)

3. Mr. Ajay Verma (Asst. Prof. & HOD of CS)

4. Dr. Shish Pal Singh (Asst. Prof. & HOD of Applied Science)   

5. Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma (Asst. Prof & HOD of ME)

6. Mr. Prabhat Kumar (Sr. Lecturer of Chemistry)

7. Mr. Rajneesh Chauhan

8. Librarian

Contact Us

Librarian: Ph. No. 0121-2441600, Fax: 91-121-2441700

E-mail Id:  library@mitmeerut.ac.in