MIT awarded Best Active Institute with Gold Certificate in NPTEL online courses in North India, (Jan 2016 - Apr 2016 run )

NPTEL Local Chapter

Total No. of Gold Medal: 01, Total No. of Toppers: 02,
Total No. of Elite Certificates: 44, Total No. of Course Completion Certificates: 88

Total No. of Gold Medal1
Total No. of Toppers2
Total No. of Elite Certificates44
Total No. of Course Completion Certificates88






NPTEL Gold & Elite Certificate Awardees :Faculty

Sr.No.NameDeptt.NOC CourseNameRunType of Certificate
1.PANKAJ KUMARECEDiscrete Time Signal ProcessingJuly-Dec,16Elite
2.AMOL SHARMACSESoftware Testing July-Dec,16Elite
3.NIKITA GOELECEDiscrete Time Signal ProcessingJuly-Dec,16Elite
4.SWATI SINGHECEDiscrete Time Signal ProcessingJuly-Dec,16Elite
5.POONAM SINGHECEBasic Electrical Circuits July-Dec,16Elite
6.JYOTIRMAY PATELCSESoftware Testing July-Dec,16Elite
7.AKHILESH KUMAR GUPTAECEElectromagnetic TheoryJan -May,16Elite+Topper

NPTEL Gold & Elite Certificate Awardees (July - December-2016 RUN) : Student

Sr.No.NameDeptt.NOC CourseNameFinalScore%Type of Certificate
1.ABHINAV AGARWALCSETheory of Computation 88Elite
2.ARIFCSETheory of Computation76 Elite
3.SHIVAM KAPOORECEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality74Elite
4.SHUBHAM AGGARWALCEEarth Sciences for Civil Engineering74Elite
5.AVEEK GOYALCSEIntroduction to Operating Systems72Elite
6.VIBHA KISHORECE Developing Soft Skills and Personality 71Elite
7.AAYUSHI AGARWALCSETheory of Computation 71Elite
8.GEETA SOAMECEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality68Elite
9.KESHAV SINGHECETheory of Computation 68Elite
10.PRADEEP SINGHCSEObject-Oriented Analysis and Design66Elite
11.MOHD SAIFIECEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality65Elite
12.SURAJ DAGARCSESoftware Testing65 Elite
13.GAURAV SHARMAECEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality64Elite
14.AVEEK GOYALCSETheory of Computation 63Elite
15.KM PINKI BHARADWAJECEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality60Elite


NPTEL Gold & Elite Certificate Awardees (July - December-2016 RUN) : Student

Sr.No.NameDeptt.NOC CourseNameFinalScore%Type of Certificate
1.ROHAN CHAUHANCSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development 82Elite
2.ABHINAV AGARWALCSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development76 Elite
3.UTSAV ANANDCSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development75Elite
4.ASHISH CHAUHANCSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development75Elite
5.UMANG KHANNACEIntroduction to Geographic Information Systems74Elite
6.KANISHA MITTAL  Stress Management 72Elite
7.NEHA SHARMACSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development 68Elite
8.NIKHIL SINGHALCSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development66Elite
9.MAYANK TRIPATHICSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development 65Elite
10.YASH SINGHALCEIntroduction to Geographic Information Systems63Elite
12.VARSHAPARSHURAMPURIACSEIntroduction to Modern Application Development61 Elite
13.PRADEEP SINGHCSEDeveloping Soft Skills and Personality61Elite


NPTEL Gold & Elite Certificate Awardees (January- May-2016 RUN) : Student

Sr.No.NameDeptt.NOC CourseNameFinalScore%Type of Certificate
1.NAVNIKA AGARWALECTechnical English for Engineers 82Elite + Gold Medal
2.PARAG GOELECTechnical English for Engineers76 Elite
3.ANU SAROHAECTechnical English for Engineers 75Elite
4.NEHACSETechnical English for Engineers 75Elite
5.NIHARIKA GAURCSETechnical English for Engineers 74Elite
6.VASU GARGCSE Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms 72Elite
7.VASU GARGCSEDesign and Analysis of Algorithms 68Elite
8.VISHAL CHAUHANCSEProgramming, Data Structures and Algorithms 66Elite
9.SANYAM JAINECMicrowave Integrated Circuits 65Elite

1. Akhilesh Kumar Gupta from ECE Department, Secured all India Fifth position in “Electromagnetic Theory” in 40 hour Course with Elite Certificate.
2. Navnika Agarwal from ECE Department , awarded Elite & Gold medal Certificate in “Technical English for Engineering” in 20 hour Course.


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