Common OMR Sheet Filling Errors

While checking the over 8300 OMR sheets this year, we discovered several common errors committed by the students while filling their OMR sheets. Some of these errors (e.g. Multiple Choices filled for a question) result in one particular question being marked wrong, while some other errors (e.g. Set ID Not Filled) result in the entire OMR sheet being reject with the student getting ZERO marks.

Below, we have created these common errors on an OMR sheet and presented them for the students. Please see the OMR sheet carefully. Explanations for these common errors are listed below the sheet.

SET ID Not Filled: This is a very serious error. If the Set ID is not filled, the OMR reader does not know which answer series to apply to the sheet. As a result, all the marked answers are ignored and the sheet is marked as ZERO marks.

Multiple Choices Filled For a question: In this case, the OMR reader reads multiple answers to a single-answer question. So, this particular question is marked WRONG by the OMR reader and -1 marks are awarded for this attempt.

Markings Outside the Bubble: The OMR reader is NOT able to correctly read the answer, thus marking the answer WRONG and -1 marks are awarded for this attempt.

Half Bubble Filled: In case the OMR is able to read this entry, there are no problems. But, if the OMR reader is unable to identify this half filled bubble, it will treat is a NO entry. Thus, the question will be treated as NOT ATTEMPTED and ZERO marks will be awarded for this attempt.

Stray Marks on the OMR Sheet: Stary marks can misalign the OMR reader as it will not be able to recognize the horizontal bar on the side of the sheet. This may result in the OMR reader ignoring all questions that come in the range of the stray marks, with all these questions being marked either ZERO or -1 marks.

Signature Outside the designated box: This is similar to a stray mark on the sheet. In this case as well, the OMR reader will ignore all questions that come in the range of the stray marks, with all these questions being marked either ZERO or -1 marks.

Name Bubbles Not Filled: Incorrect name will be entered in the records.

Roll No. Incorrectly Filled: Incorrect Roll no.will be entered in the records.

More Than One Center Filled: This will lead to confusing in the mind of the team that verifies the answer sheets with the center the student appeared in. This may lead to cancellation of the answer sheet.



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